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Your rental property will need an Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) prior to a tenant being found. An EICR is produced following an assessment of electrical installation. It must be carried out by a qualified electrician or electrical contractor.

During the EICR a qualified contractor or electrician will need to disconnect the installation from the mains electrical power supply. Typically this takes around an hour in a smaller property and will take longer in larger properties.

What does an EICR consist of?

An EICR will pick up any potential problems before they can become a serious, or even hazardous.

The test will follow along the lines detailed below:

Visual inspection:

The electrician will survey the electrical installation before they commence with the electrical testing. The visual inspection is to highlight broken or cracked devices, where devices may have been installed in the wrong location, or if there have been over heating or over loading problems.

Electrical testing with the use of electrical test meters, include: ‚Äč
- Dead testing

- Continuity testing

- Insulation resistance testing

- Polarity

- Live Testing

- Earth fault loop impedance testing

- RCD testing

The Results

The inspector may make a number of observations and will give each one a recommendation code C1 C2 or C3. The observations describe a defect or omission within the electrical installation.
C1 = Danger Present - Immediate Remedial Action Required.

C2 = Potential Danger - Urgent Remedial Action Required.

C3 = Improvement Recommended.

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